Is cheerful
  • Appreciated the good in others.
  • Is Courteous to everyone, respectful to the elders, friendly to the equals and loving. And caring towards the juniors.
  • Does her best while seeking God’s blessings & other’s help.
  • Encourages others in the pursuit of common goal.
  • Follows high ideals & faces difficulties courageously.
  • Is gentle in his/ her dealings with others, even when hurt.
  • Insists on fair play: generous in defeat & applauding the victorious opponent.
  • Neither biased nor prejudiced.
  • Is kind in thought, words & deeds.
  • Is sensitive, compassionate & forgiving.
  • Maintains a good posture so as to make an impact.
  • Lends a helping hand at home, in school & to those in need.
  • Makes mistakes a learing experience.
  • Never puts off for tomorrow what one can do today.
  • Observes the personal time-table faithfully.
  • Is quick to apologize and slow to take offence.
  • Respects the elderly, poor, disabled & strangers.
  • Strives for excellence.
  • Urges the weak, lazy and the less talented to emulate heroes of ordinary life.
  • Venerated the image of God in every human being.
  • Is willing to accept whatever work is assigned.
  • Yearns for highest goal.
  • Is zealous for common good, name of the family, school, neighbourhood, town, state and above all the honour and glory of the Motherland.