About the Institution

Shahid Ganj Public School established in 1986 affiliated to C.B.S.E Delhi is an institution with feelings as it is related to Gurudwara Shahid Ganj Sahib in the memory of Sikh martyrs of 1st Anglo Sikh War of 1845; it is Organized by Gurdwara Shahid Ganj Educational Society(Regd) Mudki. The farsighted sach khand wasi Sant Amarit Singh Ji, The founder of the school might have envisioned such a perfect human; The ‘Shahidian’ walking out of the school after his schooling who has achieved not only in academics but also real virtues of life morally, spiritually and intellectually. To realize the dream of Sant Amarjit Singh ji, the trusted management has created a vast infrastructure (in the form of lush green lawns fully equipped and fully furnished two Computer labs, Science laboratories, Math’s lab, Resources rooms, music apartment , vast infrastructure for all minor & major sports, Gymnasium, well stocked spacious library, smart class rooms, indoor multipurpose hall, very big R.O System, 24 hours hot line power supply, clean pollution free environment in the lap of nature extended up to 20 acres of land) for the development of multifaceted personality. Since its inception it has given to society hundreds of Engineers, Doctors, Army/ Police Officers, Teachers, successful N.R.I’s, Business persons and in every successful field of the society.

In the areas of academics, Co –curricular activities sports, moral and religions education it has always been a force to reckon with; at State and National levels. All these distinctions have been possible only due to the hard work done by the well-knit team of meritorious teachers & staff. With modern system of Multi – media our education system is displaying, growing stature as a premier institution of Excellency and credibility in the field of education. Though our esteemed institution has touched the international name and fame yet learning and improving should be deemed as continuous process & we should not feel complacent.

School Managing Committee

Founder & Patron

Sach Khand Wasi Sant Amarjit Singh ji

The Vice President

S. Gopinder singh Mallhi

The Treasurer

S. Jasbir Singh Malhi

The Member

S. Darshan Singh Khosa

The Principal

Sh. Sanjeev Jain (M.Sc, M.Ed.)

The President

S. Kulwant Singh Sangha

The Manager

S. Virsa Singh Sandhu

The Member

S. Teja Singh Dhaliwal

The Member

S. Nachhattar singh

The School Insignia

The School insignia is made up to a number of constituents with each constituent standing for an idea which when pieced together transmits a wholesome message to the discerning viewer.

Out of two swords seen in the emblem the one on the left represents the temporal power while the other one a Kirpan stands for ecclesiastical power. The Kipran as ordained to a sikh, is meant to be used only when there is a challenge to his 'Aan' that is self respect. It is further ordained that the Kirpan is to be used if at all with ulmost 'Kirpa' that is care and compassion and definitely met like a butcher's knife. The first Guru who donned them first was sri Guru Hargobind Sahib the sixth warrior Guru of sikhs.

Well ensconced between both the warlike weapons is a 'candle', a lighted candle mounted on a high pedestal. The candle emits the light of pure and unblemished knowledge. The institution is committed to disseminate among its pupils throughout.

Underneath and wedged between two swords stands and open book with a quilt tacked inkpot in its fold. The book-pen- inkpot combine denotes educational effort the institution is supposed to make to produce the good humans in the finest educational tradition.

On the scroll down below is embossed the school motto meaning "O" power of the supreme lord! grant me this boon that I may never falter performing righteous actions.